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Word on The Street

Today I had the Olympia Police Department called on me because the owner of an empty building and for sale sign saw my car parked in front of a tent that held two young men that I knew. My goal was to check on them because I knew where they would be. I ask these two young men how they are doing if they were hungry, if they need anything. At that time, the lunches were not dropped off, so I told him to come back to serve them. As I waited for the hot soup to be dropped off, I saw two police cars drive up on me as I was parked in a different empty parking lot. They asked me what was going on why I was here. I told him I was here to service homeless youth to give them supplies and feed them. I asked him was there a problem? They explained that the owner assumes there was some drug activities going on, so she called. I asked them if they wanted to check my truck, my license registration they could do so. I understood in that specific area there previously has been drug activity going on. Then I thought to myself what the fear is. Why do we fear so much of the unknown?.

When lunches were dropped off, I drove around town for two hours looking for kids searching for kids with ever cubbyhole that I can find whatever alley my trucking squeeze through. I was determined to find them. I was determined to feed them. I found them! They were everywhere around town. They were in a cubbyhole surrounded by trash, they were cold they were wet, and I couldn't do nothing more than feed them and tell him that I love them and prayed for them. But one couple resonated with me.

They were sitting on empty building’s porch surrounding by unlikely things. It was three of them one of the young men was laid out as if he were sleeping. I asked if he OK. She said that he is coming down off of heroin. But that one statement she asked of me.

“Would you pray for my friend?” YES, I sure will! I got his name and the condition, and I gracefully prayed and intercede for him. It was a moment of reckoning. Cold, wet, went trying to stay warm, and hungry; what do you make of all of that? But as the time progressed, I continue to look search and being determined to finish. So, I went back to my original spot and the youth were waiting for me waving me down (they know my truck). They were hungry cold and wet but mostly hungry cold and wet. The clothes and shoes were soaking wet. There feet were wet, socks were giving, but shoes are still wet. Their hands were cold, red, and swollen. But these kids are strong these kids are resilient against the weather but they're still kids. It was raining the whole time I was out. I even got wet and cold with them.

My heart was beginning to break but I had to be strong for them I had to show that I loved and cared about them. Even though only inside my heart was breaking, one kid asked me he said I want off. I want to go to a sobriety house and be sober. I told him I knew the exact place where we can get him in. I told him about the place. I’ve have seen this kid have a job I seen him sober I seen him happy I seen him drunk I seen him high I seem him hurt; he has emotion just as we do. When he told me that, my eyes lit up, my heart began to heal, and I said OK let's make this happen.

What more can you ask from them with months on end knowing them? Some points, it seems like they just do not want to get off the streets. Do I give up, no. do I quit on them, no. I will still walk the path and the mission that was given to me to help as many as I can. These kids just want love support direction guidance. As we tell them all, we will never leave you, we will always be here no matter what. This was my day. No matter the weather we are out to help support love care give kindness to them cause very few will. This is my story my true story

We are eternally blessed. Today is the day of Remembrance. There are times when I want to quit. Sometimes I question myself, ‘Why me’. But when I refocus on the mission that has been given to me, I am in Remembrance. Have trust keeping the faith.

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