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Welcome to the Leadership Page of Our Ark

With a special connection to the youth and young adults, our leaders showcase an unwavering dedication to the community's well-being. Their genuine compassion paves the way for meaningful engagement, nurturing an atmosphere of care and support.

Group Discussion

Empathetic Leadership

At Our Ark, exceptional leadership talent is showcased through the embodiment of kindness and empathy. These leaders serve as models of love, highlighting our shared humanity and the value of compassionate leadership.


Youth Connection through Compassion

The leaders at Our Ark establish a profound connection with youth and young adults by displaying genuine compassion for the community. This connection is founded on their ability to understand and address the needs and concerns of the younger generation.


Dignity, Respect, and Safety for All

Our Ark's dedication lies in ensuring that every individual is treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Through this commitment, we strive to convey the message that everyone holds value and possesses the inherent right to safety and well-being.

Caring Leadership
Support Group Session

Core Leadership: Kindness and Empathy

Central to the leadership philosophy of Our Ark is an unwavering commitment to kindness and empathy. These qualities serve as the cornerstone of our leaders' approach, fostering an environment where understanding and care prevail.

Team Meeting

Kindness: Our Universal Drive

At the heart of all our endeavors is kindness. It is the driving force that underpins our work, transcending boundaries and touching every aspect of our mission.


Danny Burkett

CEO/Founder / Veteran


(360) 764-0532



P.O. Box 8452 Lacey, WA 98509

Everybody has a story

Everybody Has A Story 

Professional Experience as a Senior Food Operation Manager in the Army (15+ years)

I served as a Senior Food Operation Manager in the Army for over 15 years. My career includes years of leadership experience and documented success in extensive large-scale personnel, training, logistics, and budget operations. Along with this, I remained result and goal-focused to improve work systems and productivity in stressful environments.

Expertise in Training Operations Management and Personnel Development

As a Training Operations Manager in the company operations, I determined subsistence requirements and oversaw the training, health, welfare, and professional development of thousands of Army personnel during my career. I have trained and mentored hundreds of civilians as a Drill Instructor from 2009 to 2011. The traits and attributes from this assignment have built resilience, humbleness, and discipline which I carry over to my life assignments.

Dedication is My Value

I became the volunteer Executive Director after serving three months of volunteering my time in conjunction with conducting street outreach, training, and mentoring volunteers, youth, and young adults. I strive on strategic planning to be able to identify multiple courses of action with tailored services to merit young persons' needs. Ensuring their well-being is detrimental in their health and safety daily. It’s in my heart to care for those who can’t help themselves in a way they do not feel dehumanized. My passion runs deep as it will show through my work daily.


Portrait of a Young Man


Happy Portrait


Woman with White Hair


Youth members help guide our understanding of the most pressing social and moral challenges for their peers, such as safety, bullying and inclusion.

Youth members provide feedback on our ideas, share their thoughts on current events, and make sure we’re on the right track when communicating information and resources to young people.

Direct Youth input helps create workable solutions for the most pressing concerns of those impacted by homelessness and assists Our Ark in creating successful outcomes for those involved in our programs.

Youth Advisor Board

Meet Our  Board

Jessica Starr

Storage Manager


Community Advisor

Joseph Heilman


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