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Our Ark has exceptional leadership talent, modeling kindness and

empathy through love in our shared humanity.


Their connection to youth and young adults is based in

their compassion for the community.


Our Ark’s core leadership is grounded in kindness and empathy through love.


We are dedicated to ensuring everyone is treated with dignity and respect,

showing others they have value and a right to be safe and healthy.


Kindness is universally at the heart of our work.​

Meet The Team


Danny Burkett



Myrna Beebe


Man with Glasses

Jeremiah Burkett


Youth Advisory Board

Portrait of a Young Man


Smiling Young Woman



Youth members help guide our understanding of the most pressing social and moral challenges for their peers, such as safety, bullying and inclusion.

Youth members provide feedback on our ideas, share their thoughts on current events, and make sure we’re on the right track when communicating information and resources to young people.

Direct Youth input helps create workable solutions for the most pressing concerns of those impacted by homelessness and assists Our Ark in creating successful outcomes for those involved in our programs.

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