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Youth Peer Support


Why Become a Peer Support Specialist?

You have knowledge and desire to help youth develop skills, allowing them more opportunities, independence and success.

You have time and commitment to help a Youth with the challenges they are facing.

You are flexible and innovative when solving problems and breaking down barriers.

You have a rooted sense of kindness, humility and modeling positive behavior.

You know how to set/keep boundaries while developing a relationship with the Youth, built in mutual respect.

You can problem solve!

Benefits to Youth

Reach sustainable goals

Develop self-esteem and confidence

Improve interpersonal, communication,
and Life Skills to last a whole life

Increase opportunities and education sucess

Enhance positive participation in the community

Generating and defining the increased sense of value and sustainability in the community, knowing whatever challenges they experience, they have tools and skills to succeed.

Importance of Youth Peer Support

Rewarding for the Youth, Mentor and community -
Peer Support Specialist are carefully matched prior to meeting
to provide the greatest success 

Peer Support Specialist utilize a workbook, with carefully selected material,
helping create a path to success

Mentoring supports youth by laying the groundwork for their success in collaboration with dedicated adult community members.

Mentor Shout Out!

We want to give a huge shout out to a team member who has gone far beyond her call to support Our Ark and the youth we serve. She is currently mentoring three youth in life processes. She and her wife have driven multiple time to arrange the care for Dean to get the correct medical attention they needed at the Children’s Hospital in Seattle. She opened her home, to multiple kid so they were able to wash their clothes, sleep, and gain a bank account and so much more. It sometimes was challenging, but she managed through adversity.  We are a team and cannot begin to say how much we appreciate her and her endeavors of loyalty, sacrifices she has made for us.

"I knew in my heart mentoring and showing compassionate support for our youth is what I was created to do."



What Youth Say About Mentorship


"It was at that moment, when I need someone to talk to and they were here for me. I see them all the time so I trust them. If I need someone to talk to, I know I have someone.  I wish there were more people like them to out here to help." ~ Jane

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