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Explore Our Ark's life-changing programs. We empower youth aged 18-25 through compassionate Host Homes, provide rapid rehousing solutions in times of crisis, and offer essential support to veterans, including medical services, documentation assistance, and life skills education.


Street Outreach

Reaching Out with Hope, for Youth Well-being

Small Teams of trained volunteers venture to homeless encampments with a goal to protect young people from the damaging effects of street life.  The program promotes efforts by its grantees to build relationships between street outreach workers and runaway, homeless, and street youth. 

Peer Support

Mentoring Lived Experiences for Positive Change

Mentorship matches a knowledgeable adult with lived experience.  Peer mentors are used for health and lifestyle changes, have one-on-one sessions, and a chance to learn from those who have recovered, or rehabilitated, following such an experience.

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Laundry of Today

Fostering Independence By Teaching Essential Life Skills

Nurture Independence: Empower Youth through Practical Life Lessons. Your donations of quarters, laundry supplies, or time to supervise are invaluable in guiding young individuals as they learn essential skills in laundry and self-care. Join us in fostering self-sufficiency and building a brighter future together.


Food Network

Culinary Enthusiasts Wanted: Share Your Passion in Our Community

Do you find joy in the art of cooking and baking? Are you looking for a way to make a meaningful contribution to our community? Your culinary skills can have a positive impact! We invite you to share your passion for cooking by becoming a part of our team. Join us in creating a warm and nourishing environment for those we serve.

Host Homes

Transforming Lives Become a Host and Transform Lives

Join our community of caring individuals who open their homes to host youth in need. By offering a safe haven away from the streets, you play a vital role in helping these young individuals work towards their goals and build sustainable, fulfilling lives. Make a lasting impact by becoming a host today.

Host Welcoming Guest

Other Valuable Services

Navigating Support: Empowering Veterans With Resources

Veteran connections to resources pave the way for comprehensive support. This initiative facilitates seamless access to crucial medical, dental, and mental health services, prioritizing the well-being of our veterans. Additionally, we aid in obtaining essential documents like state identification and social security cards, ensuring a smoother reintegration process. Complementing these services is a focus on life skills education, empowering veterans with the tools they need for a successful transition into civilian life.

Veteran Family
Food Donation Volunteers

If you'd like to volunteer,
please submit the application below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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