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Walk A Night In Their Shoes


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The Walk a Night in Their Shoes campaign purpose is to bringing awareness to the homeless youth population in the community. We walk daily to gather theme information and work with youth who are experiencing homelessness. The data we collect helps to educate the community, our leaders, and elevate the voices of homeless youth. We share findings with others to build partnership in the community with businesses, organization, churches and other groups.


It is no secret that our society has been gradually evolving over the years, but as it changes and grows, some aspects begin to lag behind. One pressing issue that continuously goes unaddressed is the homeless youth population. These are kids that have nowhere to go and no one to rely on; they are alone in the world at its worst.


They deserve our attention more now than ever before because their voices continue to go unheard. Many of them want to be a part of the community and contribute positively, but they are not given the chance. We need to open our hearts and our minds and let them in, so they can learn and grow along with us. Only then can we hope to achieve true togetherness and progress as a society.


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We will use this data to help our team members, educate the community and elevate the voices of homeless youth.

Our youth awareness campaign mainly wants to influence people, to find other allies, increase public knowledge, and work on changing the conversation around the issue. To support, fundraise for this important cause, click on the link below.

How You Can Create Awareness

  • Get involved, bring your family and friends

  • Share your experience and knowledge with others

  • Volunteer your time 2 hours a week

  • Sponsor a youth/young adult

  • Become a Team Member, Mentor or Volunteer

  • Gift supplies, food, funds, or clothes

  • Fundraise to help youth experiencing homelessness

Street Teens

Jungle Walk

What does it mean to walk in the shoes of a street kid who has nowhere to go or turn to? Each walk of every day is sharing what is going through in the eyes of that young person.  Stories and experience will get shared with permission of the youth as we make these travels.

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