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Host Welcoming Guest

Host or Sponsor a Youth

Transform a Life

Street life is difficult and does not need to be hopeless. You can help by hosting a youth in your home or sponsor a youth in a local hotel room for one night or multiple nights. One night can provide a much-needed reprieve from street life. Youth can focus more attention on creating a sustainable path to success out of homelessness.

Our dedicated hosts, drawn from the heart of our community, extend their homes to youth aged 18-25 facing crisis. You can be a beacon of stability and support, offering a safe space for these young lives to heal and thrive. Join us in creating a brighter future by providing short-term refuge or long-term care. Your open heart can make all the difference on their journey to stability and success

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Addressing Systemic Barriers and Injustice for Youth

Seek to recognize and challenge systems of power that perpetuate barriers and injustice in young people’s lives (such as racism and classisism), and we are aware that not all youth get the same results through the same hard work under these systems.

Respecting Youth Choices: Acknowledging Their Right to Decide

Understand that all youth will sometimes make choices we don’t agree with, and we acknowledge the youth’s right to make those choices for themselves.

Inclusive Youth Empowerment at Our Ark

Value diversity in all its form, supporting youth regardless of their racial or ethnic identity, religious affiliations, or lack thereof, gender identity or sexual orientation.

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Support Group Session
Fostering Shared Leadership through Leading by Example

Leading through example and fostering shared leadership.

Guiding Youth Work with Social Justice and Empowerment

Approach youth work through a lens of social justice and youth empowerment.

Trauma-Informed, Harm Reduction Strategies

Believe in trauma-informed and harm reduction strategies that affirm youths’ strengths and their own agency.

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Team work

Sponsor a Youth

A Host Home is not foster care.

Sponsoring a Youth in a hotel room. Until youth transitional housing becomes reality, even one night in a hotel room can make a difference in keeping a youth off the streets. A family, church, business or other organization can contribute to improve our community by showing compassion to youth living on the streets. Our community cares, showing compassion by valuing a youth security can mean the difference between hopelessness and hopefulness. Make a difference with us. Sponsor a Youth today

Buying a House
Host Welcoming Guest

Host a Youth

A Host Home is not foster care.

Host are community members who have extra space in their homes and hearts.

Hosts and families are volunteers who open their homes, welcoming Youth (18-25 years old) into their home for a better tomorrow, providing stability and security to move forward.

Youth placed in homes are in crisis due to conditions on the street.

Hosting a youth can be short term or long term.

Host homes are spaces where healing can begin in safety and goals can be decided. 

Hosting a youth is a commitment or at least 3 months to provide consistency in the life of the youth.

Our Ark coordinates with host families, preparing them to welcome a young person into their homes, supporting both during the housing experience. Our Ark continues working with the youth guest, ensuring they feel safe, comfortable and have what they need to thrive!

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