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Food Network

Empowering Youth with Nutritious Fuel:

Our Food Network fights youth malnutrition, providing balanced meals and snacks. Donors empower homeless youth with 3,000 calorie packs for a brighter tomorrow.


Elevating Youth Nutrition

Empowering Through Our Nourishing Food Network

Healthy and nutritious foods help youth combat malnutrition they frequently experience. Through our Food Network, we ensure food is fresh and offers healthy, balanced meals for daily life and sustenance.

Tackling Youth Food Insecurity

A Struggle for Nutritious Access

Youth frequently struggle to access food, particularly nutritious food, and this chronic hunger can interfere with the ability to perform basic daily tasks, which can lessen their likelihood of improving their lives.


Fighting Hunger on the Streets

Donor-Supported Nutritious Meals for Homeless Youth

Donors provide regular sack meals and nutritious snacks for homeless street youth multiple times a week. These 3,000 calorie packs provided to each youth we engage in the Thurston County area, ensures they can meat the challenges of the day and beyond. 




Cooking for a Better Tomorrow with Love and Hope

If you love to cook, putting elements of hope, time, and love into cultivating a social community for Youth to survive and thrive for a better tomorrow, we’d love to have you join our Food Network.

Feed the Soul

Team Hugging

Nourishing Hope

Addressing Nutritional Challenges Faced by Homeless Youth

Homeless youth do not get enough healthy food to eat. They are often preoccupied with basic needs of survival, such as personal safety, ways to earn money, and access to other basic amenities we take for granted. When homeless youth to have good, it can often be ‘junk food’ consisting of empty calories and little nutritional value. Homeless youth have increased food insecurity because they lack the ability to buy healthy food or cook consistent meals.

Breaking the Cycle

The Impact of Malnutrition on Youth Homelessness

Malnourishment perpetuates the cycle of youth homelessness because lack of proper nutrition can lead to severe and chronic medical issues, physical deficiencies, and mental health problems. Malnutrition can also lead to the decline of cognitive function making it even harder for homeless youth to make and maintain good decisions, thus continuing the path into adult homelessnes


Empowering Homeless Youth

Easing Food Access Challenges Through Our Program

It is not always easy for homeless youth to coordinate food with other survival needs, which can make access even more difficult when it comes to scheduled programs. Our program offers meals directly to youths who might otherwise be eating out of a trash bin. One of the most powerful steps you can take is by becoming a part of our Food Network. 

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