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Life Skills Training

Peer Mentorship

  • Mentors help improve a young person's self-concept and confidence

  • Mentors help young people build connections, relate well to all kinds of people and help them strengthen communication skills.

  • Mentors help young people set career goals and start taking steps to realize them.

Life Skills

As a major component of Youth moving out of homelessness, improved Life Skills creates a foundation for success.  As their willingness to learn and change progresses, we support Street Youth in creating reachable goals and tasks to assure winning strategies. As each goal is achieved, they witness the rewards of their own hard work and perseverance. Our goal is to be with them through their journey. 

Financial Fitness

  • Teaching how to make, save, and spend money wisely

  •  know how to open a bank account, use the ATM, transfer money online, and write a check.

  • Apply for a credit card, how to use it, and how not to get into debt using a credit card.

On-Job Training

  • Teach responsibility organization, and time management

  • Establish good work habits, experience, financial stability

  • Important survival skill 

Ready for Parade

Veteran Resources

  • Provide assistance to a number of services and programs to veterans  

  • Assist veterans with resumes, networking, interviewing skills


Higher Education

  • Pursue dream careers

  • Receiving GED/high school diploma

  • Earning higher income

  • Happy and stable life

Folding Clothes


Provide laundry services for youth to wash their clothes at local laundromats providing detergent, dryer sheets, and pay for the laundry washer and dryer usage. This activity is conducted by staff, partnerships, and volunteers of the organization. By providing resources for clean and healthy living and teaching clothes washing techniques to the youth. This activity is funded by donations. 


Community Education

This activity establishes trust in the community, builds community relationships, creates innovative new partnerships to end youth homeless and provides education and information about youth homelessness thru scheduled video classes once a month.  homelessness.  This meets for the purpose of informing the community of youth homeless

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