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Breaking The Cycles of Youth Homelessness

Our Ark is a Thurston County, Washington community-based nonprofit corporation that works directly with homeless street youth and young adults, ages 13-25. We provide street outreach, mentorship, job, and life skills training, as well as self-esteem building through consistent, nonjudgmental support from volunteers, neighborhood groups, and other agencies and organizations.

Our primary goal is to break the cycles of homelessness for street youth and young adults through advocacy, training, and mentorship.

Our Ark is more than an organization, we’re a community on a journey together.

We are making great strides in our community helping street youth create their paths to success. YOU can help and be their champion! We'd like to find multiple volunteers to fill in for  street outreach, host homes, and food donors, including other positions as well. The farther we reach, the more success for the community to end homelessness in future generations. 

Be a Champion!


Breaking cycles of homelessness for street youth and young adults in communities that empowers youth independence and hope.



Bringing communities together to meet the basic needs of young people where they are safe, fed and sheltered, given them the opportunity of youth enrichment to build a life for themselves 

We are Hiring and looking for team members with passionate hearts! 


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Core Values

Engaging Individuals & Building Alliances Through


Community Building

Consistent Commitment

Empowering Hope

Building Trust