Breaking Cycle of Youth Homelessness

Our Ark is a community based nonprofit organization advocating for youth and young adults, aged 13-25 years

experiencing homelessness, through a variety of mentorship programs and other resources. 

Our Ark does not have strict financial criteria, establishing a safety net for

youth and young adults, working on a pathway to self-sufficiency.

Our primary goal is the success of the youth and young adults, through mentorship in life skills,

job training and placement as well is confidence and esteem building.

We partner with neighborhood groups, community organizations and other agencies to

resolve the challenges the communities homeless you and young adults.

Our Ark is more than an organization, we’re a community on a journey together.


Small teams of Volunteers, reaching out to engage youth experiencing homelessness 


Provide essential tools for coping with emotions/stress, and how to take action in stressful situations and more

Snack Food

Donors provide essential nutritious snacks and meals multiple times a week


 Laundry services to provide youth the opportunity to wash their clothes at local laundromats



Annual Awareness Campaign

Support Programs

Youth Street Outreach
Reaching and Searching

  • Developing trusting relationships

  • Youth ages 13- 25.

  • Assist in Identification documents

  • Distribute regular meals

  • Reach out multiple days a week 

  • Connect on-job training

home keys

Life Skills

Breaking Cycles

Houseless Prevention

Social and Emotional well-being

Higher Education

Financial Fitness