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What Are the Core Factors of Getting Youth off The Streets?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Growing number of children on the streets

Children of the world deserve all the love and care; however, this love and care are not accessible for the children for the homeless children of Washington.

According to the public school data reported to the U.S. Department of Education during 2017-2018, out of an estimated 40,112 public school students, the total number of unaccompanied homeless students is 5,786, and the majority are grouped into nighttime residence unsheltered, shelters, hotels/motels, etc. The youth and children of Washington are suffering on the streets as they are deprived of the comfort and warmth of a home.

The worrying element here is that the number of students experiencing homelessness in Washington was around 20,780 back in 2009 and has doubled up over the past 10 years. The support of caring adults and caregivers can have a positive, long-lasting effect on the lives of such children. Open communication between adults and children, positive parenting, and support throughout adolescence can lead to the best outcomes for teens.

Lack of guidance, love, and facing constant neglect might lead them to behave irrationally at times. However, it is crucial to note that they behave in such a manner as a result of their traumatic experiences and the effort to cope with them. According to this study on Housing and Child Well Being, inadequate housing and harmlessness can prove to be barriers to child development.

Core Factors of Getting a Youth off The Streets

Out of the 5,788 unaccompanied homeless youth that is served by Washington schools every year, 77% are under the age of 18. These statistics are alarming, and it is essential to take into consideration the factors that can aid in taking the youth off the streets.

Create a safe environment for them

First off, creating a safe environment is necessary. Feeling unsafe at homes, schools, or sexual abuse at foster premises is the core reason for kids to run away. Our Ark aims at providing support to the homeless youth. Removal from unsafe situations is important, and the goal is to create a safe environment for kids in order to keep them off the streets.

Understand their needs

Moreover, understanding the needs of the child is important to sympathize with them. Understanding their needs and ensuring the lack of acceptance is not present is crucial. Feelings relating to being an outcast should be eradicated by looking at life from their perspective and catering to their needs.

Instill a sense of responsibility in them

Once a stabilized environment has been created, they should be introduced to responsibility for them to step out of their shells. The consequences of their actions should be communicated to them. At Our Ark, by creating a sense of responsibility, we will develop and polish their problem-solving skills while providing them with a constructive outlet.

Create opportunities for their progress

Lack of opportunities for homeless children can lead to little to no progress academically and professionally. We aim to assist by opening up options and providing them with a wide array of programs to choose from. The goal is to train them for the workplace and help them attain eventual employment.

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