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Cold and Wet.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Cold and Wet Youth. Today I went out to feed the youth hot spaghetti a donor fixed for them. The meal was excellent. The kids were very grateful. But it was very heart breaking to see them sitting on the wet cold concrete in the rain surrounded by trash. I ask the question- "What is the barrier that keeps you from moving to the next step out of homelessness?" Their answer was heart breaking. They answer and said,

"I don't know how, I need guidance".

Guidance is what they kept saying. Guidance from who? The streets are not giving it obviously. So without the guidance of caring loving adults our youth will stay on the streets. They are not the older adults you see walking and begging. These kids are the ones who want off. They have a very negative view of life and people as such an early age. Most have been homeless since age 15. What are WE the people, adults going to do about it?.

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