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Homeless Does Not End

The streets were clear as clear can be on this Christmas day. The weather 35 degrees with low drizzle of snowflakes. At one point, there were just maybe two cars driving on the downtown streets of one of the most blackout seasons of the year. Businesses are closed, people at home enjoying family gatherings and cheer. Children are opening presents; they have been waiting for days to tear apart. It is during this time, I walked the empty streets and wondered what the homeless street youth is thinking and doing right now? It must be hard when now there are just a very few if any passing out food or supplies of warmth and cheer to make their day to seem a little bit better. Homelessness does not end during any holiday.

How do we make a youth’s day better in this most time in need? Being present in the need. We go out during this day to pass out gifts of joy, love and hope still to bring a sense of care to the people who need it the most. We care in hope that others will join the march to open their hearts as well to care too.

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