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I Finally Found Freedom

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

My name is *Jonathan*(name changed),this is everything that I have gone through the things I had to do to live a sane some late good and safe life on the streets. I will always tell you that you will always be better off not being homeless and on the streets. OK here we go. My life started out like this. My mom gave birth to me in the year 2000. I don't really remember much about my childhood what I do remember is all the hurt and how much I am a disappointment to them. Anytime I tried to do good and have my family be proud of me . Well it did not matter what I did. I am a failure and a disappointment in their eyes. Even the worst part about my life.

When I was three years old and my sister was four she took my sister and I for my mom from what I was told. She had dirty diapers and old food on floor my sister and I were eating their food off the floor. My mom was also neglecting my sister and I then my sister and I were only foster home for three months. Then at this moment when my life got even worse then it already was. My dad's parents found my sister mean. They get custody of my sister Ming. I really don't remember anything other than what I was told by my grandparents. What I do remember is when I was seven my grandma was will let me near the car home. It was like 3 blocks and most of it was straight roads. My grandma will always play computer games on her computer with her most nights. Felt safe when I was with her. But when I turned 12 years old my grandpa gets so mad at me that he would beat me to my grandma was able to step in to stop him. Is not my grandma's fault that sometimes she was stepping too late.

My grandma was everything to me. But was even added on top of that my sister would try and kill herself almost every day because she did not like her own life. Every day I was the one to stop her from doing so. How man my big sister will do that I will always try to save her if it's the first thing I do.

Now let's talk about why I do not talk about my grandma. Is not because he did bad things to me. My grandma was my best friend slash mother I don't talk about her because of the day of her death . That day is the hardest day for me well that day was like very day I woke up took a shower and then get ready for school. Then at 7:20 AM I love to get on the bus. I then got to school ate breakfast I walked to my first class of the day at 810 AM. At 3:30 got on the bus to get home I got home at about 4:45 PM I walked down the street I live on with a big smile on my face and really happy. I walked to my grandparents house door and I didn't open the door very slowly. The first thing I saw was my grandpa and he was leaning over so I opened the door faster. My grandma was sitting in her wheelchair in my eye and she was really dark blue in her face and her face was telling me that I was not supposed of seeing what was going on but it was too late. I ran away from what I saw at the EMTs showed up which was 45 minutes later.

Just so I can smoke weed and forget what I saw it never helped me; I just made things worse. I stayed outside in my grandpa 25 foot RV. An it was made out of plexiglass and metal and wood. I was upset and angry I punched the side door the RV and then I walked inside like nothing happened. I sat down in the chair right behind the couch in front of the couch was EMTs giving my grandma CPR for 30 minutes straight. 4:45 to 11:15 PM . I was going through a lot and I really did not know what to do. So I prayed to God to not take my grandma for me. But I gave up oh God. So I did not pray hard enough or truly repent when I should have.

It wasn’t until I meet some caring adults who had more hope for my life thank I did.

They made me feel wanted and loved. I would visit every Wednesday, and there I learned that I had real options in life. They helped me find a safe place to prosper and grow. I found out about a Christian rehab center and with their help I was accepted into the program. I will be able to get my diploma, driver’s license, and learn a trade.

I am so thankful for all of their help. I am looking forward to becoming a better Christian receiving and receiving an education.

I feel like my future is bright.

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