Laundry of Today

 Our Ark's laundry program, provides youth the ability to clean their clothes at local laundromats with Team Members or community member volunteers who wash clothes in their homes.

We provide detergent, dryer sheets, and pay for

the laundromat washer and dryer usage.

This activity is part of our community laundry partnerships and volunteers

providing resources and teaching clothes washing techniques

to youth contributing to a healthier lifestyle. 

Volunteer of the Month

Missy Hughes took the bulls by the horns with the initiative to collect funds and laundry supplies for the Laundry of Today program. She saw the need was there and raised just the right amount of funds we needed. She stayed in communication with the Leadership team every step of the way, without micro-direction. She now supports us by washing a few clothes and blankets for our Youth when needed. We appreciate her and she does.


Your donations help bring life changing opportunities to Youth

experiencing homelessness in our community.

Program Activities

      1.    Learning valuable life skills:

For homeless youth, this activity can be a luxury and not all youth have the skills or opportunity do do their laundry. Several skills are performing during the task of laundry, reading, writing, math, repairing and altering clothes for comfort.

     2.    How YOU can help keep Laundry of Today sustainable:

Quarter collection: Help us place and pick up quarter collection containers delivered around the community, in local businesses, faith communities and other community entities. 

Become a Sponsor: Of a laundry day or entire month, once or ongoing as an individual, business, church or organization.

Detergent & Supplies drop off: Help us get the word out and encourage others in your network to purchase an additional container of laundry or other much needed supplies. We can arrange pick up or the best time to drop off. 

Clothes Donation: New and gently used clothing are always welcome.

      3.    Volunteer:

As a Team Member, you'll accompany youth to laundromats and help them learn skills to keep their clothes clean and wearable. You can also volunteer to launder their clothes at your own home, mending clothes is also a great skills that can be taught to youth, one that lasts a life time.

2022 Laundry Days









Other Great Benefits with Laundry Days

Sharing time and speaking with youth, developing friendships and skills in a neutral community space. 

Teaches responsibility and respect for their own belongings and creates a sense of pride and independence.

Clean clothes raise youth self-respect, improves their mental and physical health, eliminating odor, and possible infections due to microorganisms.