Walk A Night In Their Shoes 

45 Days 45 Nights

 Youth Life Event Fundraiser

 The Founder is setting out on foot on the grace of community to walk in their shoes for forty-five days and nights to fundraise for our street outreach to better serve our street youth. The hopes are spreading awareness and bringing communities together for the common good for homeless youth.

Walk With Me

  • To familiarize and sensitize people with the reality & hardships of youth homelessness.

  • To witness and experience a different standard of living.

  • To become aware of societal attitudes towards homeless people.

  • Choose a day to walking with me.

  •  Spend some time to understand to innovate ways to      become a changemaker.

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It's time for change! To bring awareness to the ever-growing need and attention of the houseless youth in hopes to bring small groups of communities together for the common good of our youth through love, support, and empathy. They deserve to be a part of our community to learn, to mature in our wisdom. 



Day 35/45

Wow!! This day. What a day. It was a day that can not be written here. Today was a day that must be told to a full stadium of changemakers! Our kids are.......how can i say this? They are wonderfully made. They are gratefully fear of L-O-V-E. In their minds it is a curse. It is a non talked about word to the outside world. LOVE has done them so wrong it is hard to let true love in. Our Ark is built off love. So, how do we stand when they try and push "fear" away? This happened today. It literally took a toll on myself and our outreach team. But we are still standing!

These are good kids. They need someone to give them a chance, give support, consistency.



Get your family and friends involved.

  • Sharing this ever changing experience with others.

  • Donate, Volunteer your time 3-4 hours a week

  • Sponsor a street youth.


Walking In The Jungle

What does  it mean to walk in the shoes  of a homeless youth. Each walk of every day will be sharing what is going through in the eyes of the youth.  Stories and experience will get shared with permission of the youth as he makes these travels.


We are in need of street outreach specialist, social media administrators, food donors, editors, writers, and  much more.

Contact us for a extortionary experience!

Eating Lunch
Giving Support
Felling Hopeless
Street Outreach at the Lake
One Galloon Snack Bags
Day One in My Tent
Having Lunch With the Kids
Having a Counseling Session
Having a Good Day
Please Donate
Make Lemonade