Walk a Night in Their Shoes
Homeless Youth Awareness

The Walk a Night in Their Shoes campaign event sets out on foot to conduct Youth Awareness for 2022.  The information we gathered created a knowledge base to work with youth and young adults experiencing homelessness. We also use the data to help our Youth Outreach, community education and elevate the voices of homeless youth.

We share findings with others to build partnership in the community with businesses, organization, churches and other groups.

Your support helps us sustain our work to create opportunities for youth and young adults, working their way through homelessness into a sustainable lifestyle.

in my tent

Walk In The Jungle

What does it mean to walk in the shoes of a youth and young adult who has nowhere else to go or turn to? Each walk of every day is sharing what is going through in the eyes of the youth.  Stories and experience will get shared with permission of the youth as we make these travels.

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Youth and young adults need their voices heard to bring awareness to the ever-growing need and attention of their needs in hopes to bring small groups of communities together for the common good through love, togetherness, and empathy. They deserve to be a part of our community to learn and mature into positive adult wisdom. 

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How You Can Create Awareness

  • Get involved, bring your family and friends

  • Share your experience and knowledge with others

  • Volunteer your time 2 hours a week

  • Sponsor a youth/young adult

  • Become a Team Member, Mentor or Volunteer

  • Gift supplies, food, funds, or clothes

  • Fundraise to help youth experiencing homelessness