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November serves as an educational month focusing on developing personal awareness about the realities of homelessness of street youth and young adults. 


November was first declared as National Homeless Youth Awareness Month in 2007.  Along with losing their sense of stability and safety, many homeless youth are also victims of trauma. While trying to survive on the streets, youth are exposed to countless dangers, with an increased likelihood of substance abuse, early parenthood, impulsivity, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and a vulnerability to being trafficked.

Team members will go into the community from November 1- 30th  to interview youth who are experiencing homelessness. The event will be filmed and posted on social media as well as being live streamed on Facebook. 


Stories and experience will get shared with permission of the youth as we make these travels through Thurston County. We encourage others to join in the effort to acknowledge the multitude of homeless street youth who are need the support and security of positive people in their lives. We look forward for others to support

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This month Sgt Hart's BBQ is collaborating with Our Ark in their effort to break the cycle of Youth Homelessness. A portion of sales will benefit their program and assist them in achieving their efforts of helping street youth as a non-profit organization. Select Sgt Hart's BBQ for your order to count towards their fundraiser with us.


The Stone & Steel Barbershop is partnering with Our Ark to raise funds to house 2 houseless youths for 30 days in a hotel to support them in their life skills and education. This allows us to give 2 houseless youths a safe and warm place to lay their heads while they get back on their feet.

Now through December 31, if you bring a grocery store gift card  of $20 or more, for every $20 donation you will receive $5 off your service  all grocery gift card donations accepted!

 located at 1222 S 2nd Ave SW, Suite A, Tumwater, WA 98512

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