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Youth Community Resources

Empowering Youth for a Brighter Future

Discover essential resources providing education, mental health support, job placement, and more, aimed at equipping and empowering the youth in our community to thrive and succeed.


The Homeless Youth Handbook is a guide for homeless youth with information about your rights, responsibilities, and resources in every major aspect of your life. Each Handbook is created based upon State specific law – look at the Handbook for the State you live in for additional help and information. If your State is not available yet – check back!  New States are added often.



Youth Programs provide a wide variety of services to low-income in-school (ages 14-21) and out-of-school (ages 16-24) youth to help them succeed in school and work. Program participants may receive a range of services from the following areas:

1) occupational skills training;

2) career counseling;

3) internships;

4) job placements;

5) mentoring;

6) tutoring;

7) leadership development;

8) financial literacy;

9) entrepreneurial skills training;

10) local labor market and employment information services;

11) postsecondary education and training transition support;

12) workforce preparation and training activities designed for specific career clusters; and

13) additional supportive services.

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Peer Olympia cultivates powerful, healthy lives by providing peer emotional support
and development services in Thurston, Mason, Grays Harbor, and Lewis Counties with a special
focus on active military, veterans, people experiencing homelessness and rural communities. Peer Washington cultivates powerful, healthy lives by providing peer emotional support and development services to those impacted by addiction, mental health. Peer Washington envisions a community of peers connected by shared experience in compassionate support of one another.



WISe is Catholic Community Services Northwest’s (CCSNW) intensive outpatient mental health program. WISe provides home and community based wraparound services for Medicaid-eligible youth (up to 20 years) The program is voluntary, so a youth’s history and needs, as well as the family’s interest and ability to participate, are taken into consideration when deciding whether our wraparound program offers the appropriate level of care.



Olympia Lamplighters is a coworking space specializing in artists. Olympia Lamplighters is there to help you with that nitty gritty. Our number one goal is to help you grow into your goals, whether that be as a hobbyist who wants to get better at drawing, a new professional who needs help with branding, or a seasoned artist who wants to work with the community.

We have a recording booth for musicians, voice actors and various audio recording projects, desks for office space, a resource library and staff ready to help with a myriad of subjects.



Gravity Learning Center is a re-engagement program for students who have left school before graduation. We work with school districts across our region to meet the unique needs of our students. We connect students with educational, training, and job opportunities.

We’re committed to getting to know each student and working to meet their academic and social needs. And when barriers get in the way of learning, we help students find resources and solutions.



Emergency Access to Diapers and Wipes for Households in Thurston and Surrounding Counties. Many direct-service providers in Thurston County do give out diapers, but are limited to once or twice a month; Dry Tikes & Wet Wipes has provided diaper access to families five days a week, 5 hours a day. Many of the clients seeking emergency diapers are working poor single-parent families, who place their children in daycare, and cannot drop their babies off if there are no diaper supplies.



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Community resources grow to fit the needs of our youth


Is an Indigenous survivor-led social justice non-profit based in Olympia WA. IHTC is action-focused and our mission is to engage first responders, tribes, and other stakeholders in eliminating human trafficking through solution-based knowledge and trauma-informed strategies, and to empower survivors to heal and build self-sufficient, affirming lives. Our goal is to ensure that the voices of those with lived experience are elevated and inclusive of all forms of exploitatio

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