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Housing for Youth (18 - 25)

Youth Home Project: Welcome
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Place of Safety and Home


There are many people in our area suffering from different kinds of problems. Poverty is the main problem and as a non-profit organization, we intend to alleviate poverty and suffering in our area as well as around our communities. According to the research statistics, there are not enough shelters, housing, or drop-in centers for youth and young adults ages in our area as well as all around the USA. Another trend is there is not enough money used going into ending youth homelessness in the county.

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Home is where hearts are because there is no place like a loving home to walk in to.

Facts & Figures

Policies and Practices

Increase housing options for youth : 

• Expand eligibility (and funding streams) for beds and services to serve a broader population of youth experiencing homelessness.


• Increase funding and support services available and other natural supports.

• Improve communication with youth service providers.

• Expand availability of developmentally-appropriate housing for homeless youth who are parenting.

• Work with providers to identify ways to reduce homeless system exits to unknown destinations.


Houseless Minors (under 18)

Youth receiving homeless services or housing are ages 87% 18-24

Unaccompanied homeless students 77% are under 18

Only 57% of unaccompanied homeless students graduate from high school on time.

25% drop out, 66% of whom will do so in the 12th grade.

14% in shelters

81% doubled up sharing housing due to loss of housing or economic hardship​

4% in shelters

 1% in motel or hotels

Homeless Young Adults (18-25)

86 % of new clients are entering a homeless program in the same county as their last permanent zip code

48% of clients discharged from a chemical dependency treatment facility are homeless in 12 months

28% of youth aging out of foster care at 18 are homeless in 12 months

26% of youth exiting a state institution or residential program are homeless in 12 months

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