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She kicked her son out in the cold of 27 degrees, 6 inches of snow, and out on the dark streets!

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Carol contacted Our Ark if we could share this information to the community we serve. She wanted to send a message that parenting can be hard and no one is alone, and there is help; parents just need to reach out. With the cold freezing weather, she could not help but to think about all the unsheltered young people who are homeless, however that may be. It was placed on her heart to want to share her story.

Carol called to speak to me what was troubling her for so many years. She confessed to me that she kicked her 16yr son out the house for being disrespectful to her, calling out her name, and cursing. See, she was a single mom of 3 teenager boys and was struggling to keep the house in order, providing the necessary basic needs of the house and family, so that no one becomes homeless. She was working 40-60hrs a week to keep food on the table, clothes on their back and a roof over their heads. Though, she was going through this; she felt it was not enough for these teenagers.

One day, Carol asked Eli to turn his loud music down or turn it off. He did not comply, and the situation turned into an argument. Eli is 5inches taller than his mom. Mom did not want to put hands on him, so she told him to get out in the heat of the moment with just the short sleeve shirt and pants he was wearing.

After the door was close, she felt this overwhelming rush of emotions, “I hope he is safe”, not realizing what just happened. Within 10 minutes she went out looking for him. She stated she was worried with grief, didn’t know what to do but to go out and look for him every day and night. She went to places she thought he may hang out, called all his friends, but no luck. Negative thoughts from “Is he hungry?”, “Is he warm?”, “Did he freeze to death!!” Not only was she worried, but she also placed her other two boys in a stressful and antsy situation. They were crying uncontrollably and blamed Carol for her decision. The guilt she was facing took a major toll on her and her job performance. She knew what she had to do. She went out every day looking for him for 3 days until she went to the shed at the back of the house to find him there. He had been there the whole time. His brothers were taking care of him during the whole ordeal, feeding, and clothing him with blankets.

She stated her heart was jumping up with joy to know he was not out in the streets dying. But the guilt, she still carries after 10yrs. Her sons are all grown and have their own families now. Carol and Eli’s relationship had been struggling ever since. She wants to state to love your kids no matter what and kicking them out the house is not always best.

Our Ark is looking for individual who can connect, share stories, love and care to street youth and young adults who do not have the resources to reconnect with family, food, shelter, and basic needs in the cold freezing weather. If you are that person who can support us in our mission, please click on the link below. We need your help. Know someone? Get them contacted.

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