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What Do People Say Who Homeless Youth Are?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Homelessness is a global issue.ost every country in the world battles with this issue, especially when it comes to homeless youth. Youth are the backbone of every economy, and if it is living on its own, it is indeed a big issue for everyone. Homeless youth are young people who live independently or on the streets without any stable or permanent home.

When the phrase homeless youth comes to our mind, we think of young people living off the streets. Still, there are many other scenarios in which youth also face homelessness. They live in temporary shelters, daily motels, living in cars, sleeping on the couch, or living with other families. There is no exact count of homeless youth at the moment, but as per an estimate, around 2.5 million youth become in the United States of America homeless every year. This number is alarming and needs to be addressed sooner than later.

There are many factors involved in young people's lives to become homeless. Homelessness in youth is deep-rooted in family conflicts such as poverty, mental health issues, racial disparities, substance abuse, home insecurities, parenting or unmarried, sexual, physical, emotional abuse, etc. Homeless youth is more vulnerable than homeless adults because they have not learned the necessary skills required to earn a living, such as driving, how to get a job, or paying bills. That is the reason homeless youth is more at risk than other people of their age. They are more likely to experience poor mental and physical health, substance abuse, or get involved in criminal activities. Living on the streets is dangerous. It poses more risk of being exploited, abused, or even killed.

Many organizations are working tirelessly to provide shelter to homeless youth across the country. Our Ark is an entirely volunteer-based organization striving hard to provide food, shelter, and other necessities to the homeless youth. We invite volunteers from every walk of life and allow them to make a difference in other people's lives. We provide you an option to support and lift homeless youth from their deplorable condition and make them a valuable part of society.

Our Ark's primary services are to develop a relationship of trust with homeless youth by seeking them out on the streets. We support youth under the age of 25 years. Our Ark also provides help with getting an ID card or driver's license. The food is distributed among homeless youth four times a week. We believe that no nation can prosper if it does not elevate the homeless youth. Our Ark helps homeless youth be a part of the community and take responsibility for their position. It is the only way Olympia can change by lowering the rate of homeless youth. Your help will provide them a more vibrant and self-sufficient future.

For this purpose, we need more land and donors to help us with our noble cause. You can help us by going to Make your valuable donations and help us eradicate homeless youth in Thurston County.

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