Breaking cycles of homelessness for street youth and young adults in communities that empowers youth independence and hope.


Bringing communities come together to meet the basic needs of street youth where they are safe, fed and sheltered, and given the opportunity to build a life for themselves through food security, personal safety, and a chance for change.

Core Values

Engaging Individuals, Building Alliances


Our service comes from a place of love and genuine care for the homeless youth. We believe everyone should have warm food, feel safe, and be given the opportunity to change. We accept all persons as they are, advocate that they are entitled to be treated with kindness and respect, and recognize that they have a place in our society.


We want our individual volunteers to see how much of a difference they make and be appreciated for it, and for the organizations we partner with to see meaningful change in our projects and common causes.


Since being established in 2021, Youth Homes have been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today. For more information about the products and services we provide, reach out today.


We believe that everyone can change. Even the smallest change today can set the course for tomorrow, and that can build to swing the tide years from now. We believe that we can empower the youths we serve to take steps towards the life they want to live, and become adults who are joyful, fulfilled, and self-sufficient.


Building trust with the homeless youth is at the center of our organization. When we earn their trust by showing genuine concern, they will then trust us to help them, and one day, may rely on that trust to take the big first step to getting off the streets. We take our promises seriously. Our donors, supporters, and partners can rely on that same trust. We will act with honesty, transparency and accountability.


Regardless of accomplishments. Love and affection help youth to feel secure This builds youth confidence and self-esteem. We use this value to be kind and patient. . We also understand that love conquers all thru trust, hopefulness, and perseverance. 

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It all began with a vision five years ago. After hearing the suffering of many of street youths' voices. Danny Burkett said, "No more, it is time for change."  He needed to make a hard decision to step down as the Executive Director from StandUP for Kids to focus on street youth and young adults of Thurston County, without the hard restrictions how young people should be supported and taken care of. 

After discharging from the Army, giving back was a way to bring a light to the ever underrepresent street youth living in danger amongst thieves. The vision is building a community of care, love, and awareness to inspire entire communities to step up and protect kids. This realization recognizes that street youth are in need of a place of safety and home.


The focus is aimed to creating and building safe communities' youth can thrive instead of surviving. It is aimed to foster leaders, to come out the ashes of oppression, to help making our communities better.

How It All Began